Saftey Factors
Conversion kit: 
All connections of the conversion kit are made of an elastic substance which endures shocks.

The conversion kit has many safety devices such as excess flow, fusible plug, self & manual shutoff valves, Electric fuses and software restrictions.

- The cylinder is manufactured according to the ISO Standard 11439, which defines the working pressure to 200 Bars and the test pressure to 300 Bars ensuring high safety precautions and limits.

- CNG cylinder is commonly known as seamless cylinder (or zero-welding cylinder).

- The cylinder is designed to bear :

- High pressure, shocks, low temperature and drop.
- Shooting by gunfire.
- Burning while being filled with natural gas.
- Hydraulic Pressure.
- Low Temperature Pressure Cycling.
- Drop.


Test of Shooting: 
Test of burning: 

Hydraulic Pressure Cycle Testing: Low Temperature Pressure Cycling: Drop Impact Testing

- Test using water instead of gas (easier to Pressure cycle).

- Failure mode must be leak, not rupture.


- Hydraulic pressure cycle test while the tank is chilled to -40ºF.

- Tank then heated to 149ºF followed by more pressure cycle testing.




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