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In line with the State-adopted policy to optimize the exploitation of its natural resources through utilizing natural gas as a fuel for vehicles instead of benzene and diesel given that it is an economical fuel participating directly in reducing the subsidy paid by the State for the liquid petroleum products, the matter which relieves the burden thrown on the State’s budget and positively affect the national economy, besides participating in preserving the environment and fighting the reasons for pollution,

The Ministries of Petroleum and Defense concluded cooperation protocol on Monday 2/12/2013, to allocate 11 locations of the NPC that is affiliated to the National Service Authority, on equal shares between Gas Tec. & Car Gas for establishing CNG fueling stations.

The subject protocol was signed by the representative of the Ministry of Defense, Staff Brigadier General/ Mahmoud Hamed Arafat - Chairman of NPC, and both Eng./ Taher Abd El Rahim – Chairman of E-Gas, Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim – Chairman of Gas Tec. Company – and Eng./ Tarek El Degwy – Chairman of Car GAS Company, as representatives of the Ministry of Petroleum.

The importance of concluding this protocol is attributed to the number of locations to which the NGV service will be added that amount to 11 locations during the first stage, to be increased to 17 locations during the second stage, considering that the NPC’s stations are distinguished with strategic locations. It is expected that such stations will participate in an increase in the sold gas volumes exceeding 55 million m3 in the first stage and 30 million m3 in the second stage.

This project comes in the context of the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company to expand rendering such civilized service accessible in the different Egyptian governorates through availing CNG fueling stations so as to meet the increasing demand of the customers, participating yet in rationalizing the subsidy of the liquid petroleum products, given that it is planned according to the economic feasibility of this project that the selling capacity of such locations will reach about 85 million m3 annually, the matter which will save about L.E 241 million for the State annually, standing for the value of subsidy paid for the volume of liquid fuel equal to such gas sales.
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