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In the context of the cooperation protocol concluded between Gas Tec. and Fayoum Governorate during November 2012 under the auspices of the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Local Development, on providing 2 pieces of land in Fayoum Governorate for establishing 2 CNGV fueling station as a first stage to be followed by allocating another number of pieces of land in the Governorate in subsequent stages, the matter which leads to extending the scope of the NGV project in Fayoum Governorate,

Gas Tec. started the operation of Fayoum station (Kiman fares), located in Kiman Fares District, High Dam St., next to the Industrial City in Fayoum. The area of the subject station is about 1000 m2, with a capacity of 1800 m3/hour (through 2 compressors, the capacity of each compressor is 900 m3/hour). Additionally, the station includes 12 fueling points.

Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of Gas Tec., praised the positive and effective role of Fayoum Governorate’s officials in providing support to the Company in order to remove any obstacles encountering the relevant project of connecting natural gas and establishing CNGV fueling stations in light of the big concern of Fayoum Governorate to quickly implement the service projects that bring benefit to the citizens, in addition to their environmental impact on the Governorate through improving air quality and reducing pollutants resulting from utilizing liquid fuel in vehicles, as well as the effective participation in rationalizing the consumption of petroleum products.

He also added that he hopes to popularize the experiment of signing protocols with the governorates of Cairo, Fayoum, Qalioubya and Port Said in the other governorates of the country in the context of the fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Local Development, which effectively participated in providing pieces of land for establishing CNGV fueling stations and expansion in providing such civilized and economical service to the largest sector of citizens in the upcoming period.

It is to be noted that Gas Tec. was the first to incorporate the NGV service in Fayoum Governorate through inaugurating the first CNG fueling station in the Governorate by end of year 2003, on Fayoum/ Cairo Road – Dar El Ramad, whose capacity was doubled for several times to encounter the increasing demand of customers in the Governorate to have their vehicles converted.
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