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In May 2013, Gas Tec. Company concluded a contract with Ingaz Company for utilizing CNG instead of other fuels in feeding the commercial and industrial establishments that are difficult to be fed with gas through the other traditional methods being far from the natural gas feeding source.

Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of Gas Tec., indicated that this protocol comes in the context of the Company’s policy of relieving the financial burdens borne by the State, represented in subsidy paid for diesel, PLG and other petroleum products and utilizing CNG instead of them in the touristic, commercial and industrial establishments, taking into account that the cost of connecting natural gas thereto is an economic burden on the part of the owners of such establishments in addition to the difficulty of connection through such system, the matter that prevents connecting natural gas to these establishments. Therefore, it is scheduled that this protocol will participate – through a modern technique - in transporting and connecting CNG to the different establishments through the specialized carriers.
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