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Pursuant to the Company’s policy regarding the continuity of its pioneering role in renovating new applications of CNG as an alternative fuel that started since inception in mid nineties including operating furnaces, irrigation pumps, forklifts, motorcycles and swimming pools, Gas Tec. recently concluded a joint cooperation protocol with Car Gas and SIANCO to execute the project of connecting natural gas to one of the major restaurants in Madenaty housing project in through providing mobile CNG cylinders to be fueled and replaced through SIANCO Company to work instead of the LPG cylinders along with making a protection room for the cylinders in addition to designing and executing a pressure reduction unit from 220 bar to 1 bar besides making units for delivering gas from cylinders to the pressure reduction unit.

The Company coordinated with Town Gas to make a low-pressure internal network and deliver gas from the pressure reduction unit to the operating units (furnaces – stoves, …etc). Moreover, SIANCO Company undertakes the works of modifying the relevant equipment to fit the natural gas and transport the cylinders from and to the restaurants and fueling stations in addition to refilling the empty cylinders during the operation period.

Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of Gas Tec., said that Gas Tec.’s execution of such a new application comes in the context of the pilot project sponsored by E.Gas to connect the commercial facilities as an alternative fuel to diesel and PLG in the places where it is difficult to connect natural gas being one of the national projects that could help provide large quantities of diesel and LPG utilized in a wide scale in the commercial and industrial facilities so as to generalize such an experiment during the upcoming period.

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