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Proceeding with the national state-adopted project of replacing the old taxi cabs with new ones, which started in 2009, and timing with executing the third phase of the project and given the advantages attained through the experiment of operating taxi cabs to run by CNG on the production line, which participated in improving the income of a large segment of taxi drivers in addition to reducing the pollution rates as natural gas is a clean and environment-friendly fuel,

Gas Tec. and Al Amal companies renewed the relevant contract of converting the BYD vehicles on the production line in September 2013. The Contract was signed by Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, representative of Gas Tec., and Major General/ Hassan Soliman, representative of Al Amal Company.

It’s noteworthy that Gas Tec. started cooperation with Al Amal Company in the context of this project through signing a one-year agreement in May 2010 which was renewed for 2 years with the same items and conditions of the previous contracts. Additionally, the Company managed to convert 2351 BYD vehicles during the period of the previous contracts.
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