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Thanks to the fruitful efforts of the employees during year 2013, the Company managed to attain the targeted plan of gas sales despite the challenges encountering the NGV industry in Egypt, as the Company’s sales of natural gas since the beginning of the year till the end of June 2013 reached 152 million m3, maintaining yet the lead in the NGV market in Egypt in terms of gas sales and the number of converted vehicles; the Company’s share in gas sales during year 2013 till end of July reached 50.5% while its share in the number of converted vehicles reached 53.9%.

It’s to be noted that the Company’s success in attaining the targeted plan of gas sales effectively participated in exceeding 2 billion cubic meters, so that the Company’s gas sales totaled 2.060 billion m3 since Company’s inception till end of July, the matter which led the Company to maintaining the 14th rank in the international rating of the pioneer countries in the field of utilizing NGV all over the world.

Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, the Chairman & Delegated Member, said that Gas Tec.’s sales exceeded 2 billion m3 of gas due to the increasing demand of the owners of vehicles on having their vehicles converted to run by gas because of the repeated petroleum crises and the low price of natural gas that is clean and safe. He also indicated that the Company’s sales during year 2013 participated in saving large amounts of subsidy channeled by the State to the liquid fuel at about L.E 430 million; accordingly, the total subsidy amount saved through the Company for the State since inception reached about L.E 5.8 billion. He also added that the Petroleum Sector asked all the governmental authorities to have their vehicles converted to run by CNG in order to reduce the subsidy directed to the petroleum products which is over L.E 100 billion annually in the general budget of the State.
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