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Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim, Gas Tec.’s Chairman, gives the start-up signal for operating the first CNG fueling station & conversion center in Al-Areesh City – South Sinai at the beginning of May 2013. The subject station is located inside Misr Petroleum Station/ Assiout Street and it is considered an integrated station including CNG fueling service, liquid oil fueling service and center for converting vehicles to run by CNG. Such a project comes in line with the policy of the Ministry of Petroleum to spread the utilization of CNG as a vehicular fuel in the different governorates to cut the subsidy paid to the liquid oil products and preserve the environment through reducing pollution resulting from utilizing liquid fuel in addition to easing the burdens on car users through utilizing CNG as a cheap and safe fuel instead of the crowdedness in the liquid fuel stations.
The space of the station amounts to 1200 m2 and works at a capacity of 1400 m3 where the fueling points amount to 8 fueling points through two 4-hose dispensers.
The number of converted vehicles in Al-Areesh conversion center amounted to 550 vehicles during May while the gas sales of the station amounted to 131000 m3.
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