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The Company concluded a cooperation protocol on 26/12/2012 for providing 2 pieces of land in Port Governorate to establish 2 stations for fueling and converting vehicles to run by natural gas at an investment cost amounting to almost L.E 20 million in the presence of Dr./ Hesham Kandil, Prime Minister, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Minister of Local Development, Port Said Governor and Dr./ Shreif Sousah Chairman of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company.

According to the economic feasibility set for such outstanding project, the selling capacity of such stations due to be established in Port Said Governorate only is planned to reach almost 1.2 million cubic meter monthly the matter that leads to saving an amount of almost L.E 50 million annually that represents the subsidy paid by the state for the quantity of liquid fuel equaling such sales of gas.
Eng./ Mohamed Ibrahim Gas Tec.\'s Chairman expressed his pleasure of the success of concluding these protocols with Governorates of Cairo, Fayoum, Qualioubia and Port Said in the context of the fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Petroleum and Local Development to expand the establishment of CNG fueling stations. Moreover, he noted that the Company contacted the governors in all the governorates and it is currently coordinating with the governorates to conclude similar protocols for expanding and affording such service in the upcoming period.
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