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The Project Allows Both Companies to Exchange Expertise & Capabilities to Provide Integrated Services to Their Customers

In line with the Company’s policy of maximizing stations’ returns and optimizing the exploitation of assets, Gas Tec. signed a cooperation protocol with Emarat Misr allowing each party to exploit some vacant lands and unused spaces in the other party’s stations for utilization in its activity, which attains the benefit of both parties. Eng./ Hisham Radwan, Chairman & Managing Director, signed the protocol on behalf of Gas Tec. while Eng./ Khaled Abdel Badea, Chairman of Emarat Misr, and Mr./ Mohamed Jumaa bin Sharaf, General Manager, signed on behalf of Emarat Misr.

The subject protocol aims at supporting the potentials of cooperation between both parties to benefit from the expertise and capabilities of each party so as to realize the integration of mutual interests and provide the best activities and services to the customers of the two companies through integrated model stations and their annexes including fueling vehicles with the different kinds of fuels (gasoline and natural gas) as well as providing the service of selling and changing oils and the after-sale services , as the protocol allows Emarat Misr to exploit some unused lands and spaces in Gas Tec.’s stations that permit, from the technical and marketing aspect, to market oil products and incorporate the activity of fueling vehicles with gasoline.

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