Conversion Process
Main features of conversion process:
- No change, rectification or modification takes place to any part of the engine as it incorporates only installation of the CNG components.

- The driver is free to operate the vehicle on either gas or gasoline through a switch in the vehicle dashboard.

Development of Vehicles Performance after conversion to run by Natural Gas:
- Decrease of the value of fuel consumption at 75% compared to gasoline 92.

- Increase of the efficiency of vehicle’s engine at 10% as the fuel is burned completely inside the engine given that natural gas is a clean fuel whose octane number is higher than gasoline (almost 120 Octane).

- Preserving the efficiency of lubrication oils  resulting yet in prolonging the intervals of oil change and maintenance in addition to maintaining breaker point & condenser for a longer period.

- Decreasing noise and vibrations.

- Lack of pollutants resulting from vehicles exhaust which negatively affects health.

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