New International Horizons in CNG  Applications

Offering New Modern Models of Vehicles Running by Bi-Fuel (CNG/ Gasoline)

The international automotives are increasingly interested in offering distinguished models running by bi-fuel (CNG/ gasoline) in international markets as CNG is currently one of the most important, practical and efficient kinds of fuels. Such kind of CNG-run vehicles offered by the international automotives are characterized with installing the CNG kit on production line, and more importantly, the CNG cylinders in these vehicles are installed in the Chassis not in the trunk which allows the driver to exploit the whole space in the luggage trunk. Additionally, the CNG cylinders installed in the CNG-run modern vehicles in international markets with wide range and can cut long distances, sometimes 1400 Km, using the bi-fuel (CNG/ Gasoline) with no need for refueling.

Environment-Friendly Airports Utilizing CNG

Years ago, several international airports started to implement sustainable policies of reducing the pollutant harmful emissions and preserving the environment and air quality. Such policies have been based on utilizing CNG as an alternative clean and economic fuel in the various kinds of vehicles ruining in the scope of airports such as luggage tractors, catering trucks, towing tractors and passenger buses in addition to other means of transport whose activity is related to airport activities such as taxi cabs and trucks of transporting fuel, food, etc.    

Trains.. Best Performance & Least Cost with CNG

The operation of natural gas was proven successful in the railways sector given its high economical competitive operation which resulted in a large reduction in the costs of operating vehicles besides preserving the environment and air quality. Railways authorities in some countries such as India, Biro, Czech Republic, Russia and the United States declared the success of the experiments of operating some trains with CNG to start then the execution of the plans of replacing the current operating trains with others running by CNG

River & Sea Transport Expands in Utilizing CNG

Several countries started to use CNG in river boats that transport passengers and tourists to preserve rivers from pollution and reduce the costs of operation

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