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Company's Activities

The design, construction, operation, maintenance, and ownership of both vehicles conversion centers dedicated to convert vehicles to work with bi-fuel system (natural gas/ gasoline – natural gas/diesel(, and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) & liquid fuel stations as well as establishing those CNG stations, conversion and maintenance centers all over the Arab Republic of Egypt, raising & increasing, yet, the capacity of these CNG stations & conversion centers and the required works and services related to such activity.

Manufacturing the equipment of CNG stations as well as conversion machines and materials of the compressed natural gas systems.

Establishing and managing the stations of receiving, processing and distributing natural gas from fueling stations to utilization facilities through special trailers.

Affording the service of changing and selling all kinds of lubricating oils of engines & compressors as well as the industrial lubricants and their derivatives and importing them from abroad along with relevant services of such activity.

Setting of the general safety guidelines & measures scheme and whatever related to this scheme as well as the related technical specifications in accordance with the Egyptian regulations and laws.




Company's Main Data


The Egyptian International Gas Technology (GASTEC) is one of the pioneering companies in the field of establishing and operating CNG fueling stations and conversion centers of vehicles to run by natural gas in Egypt and Middle East. The Company is established in 1996 as a joint stock company as per the provisions of the Law of Investment no. 230 for year 1989 and its executive statute which is amended by Law no. 8 for year 1997 for investment guarantees and incentives and in accordance with the decree of the Minister of Economy and International Cooperation no. 125 for year 1996 with a paid capital of L.E 100 million.


GASTEC is one of the companies affiliated to the Egyptian Petroleum Sector in which Eni International B.V. Dutch Company shares at 40% and some of the Egyptian pioneering companies such as Petrojet, Egypt Gas, Misr Petroleum, Misr Insurance and  Misr Life Insurance Company share at 60%.


Since its inception in 1996, Gas Tec. plays a prominent role in maintaining Egypt's rank within the pioneering countries worldwide in NGV field through the high conversion and gas sales rates the Company achieves annually as the grand total  of  the vehicles converted by the Company amounted to 127.883 vehicles and the total gas sales amounted to 3.3 billion m3 since inception till end of June 2019. Spreading over 21 governorates countrywide where natural gas network is connected, attaining yet the highest rate of expansion among all the NGV companies is one of the factors that helped the Company attain such high rates.


GASTEC owns the largest network of CNG stations and conversion centers in Egypt which amounts to 90 stations including a large base of compressors with different capacities. Moreover, the Company owns 35 conversion centers that work at different capacities. It is noteworthy that the Company is ranked the first among the NGV companies in Egypt for the 11th year successively in terms of the number of converted vehicles through attaining the highest market share which amounted to 41.14% of the total number of converted vehicles during year 2019. In addition, it is ranked the first for the eleventh year successively in terms of gas sales as its market share of the total gas sales amounted to 49.89%.


Seeking yet attaining the highest rates of safety for the NGV system, in year 2004, GASTEC inaugurated the first testing center for the CNG cylinders in Egypt and Middle East as Gas Tec. is the sole Company in Egypt to afford such distinctive service to all the customers of NGV companies in Egypt. It is to be noted that the number of gas cylinders tested in the Company's centers since the start up of the cylinder-testing activity till end of Dec. 2018 amounted to 201.600 cylinders. 

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