GASTEC  maintains the lead among the NGV companies


The Company proceeds with maintaining the lead among all the NGV companies in Egypt for the 13th year successively in terms of vehicles conversion as the number of vehicles converted by the Company in year 2018 till end of Dec. reached 11000 vehicles which represents 51.1% of the total market during year 2018 which is considered the highest market share among all the NGV companies.

Accordingly, the total number of converted vehicles since inception till end of Dec. 2017 reached 120000 vehicles representing a ratio of 46.7% of the total market. 


The sole company in Egypt & Middle East affording Cylinder testing service.


GASTEC is the sole company affording cylinder-testing service to the customers of all the NGV companies in Egypt through its centers spreading countrywide. The number of tested cylinders in the Company’s cylinder-testing centers since the beginning of the cylinder-testing activity till end of Dec. 2018 amounted to 19472 cylinders.

 Converting Vehicles on production line


GASTEC Contracted with "ITAMCO" and "ALAMAL Co. for Vehicles Manufacturing & Assembly" to convert Hyundai Verna & BYD vehicles on the production line in the context of the state-adopted national project of  replacing the old taxi cabs with new ones which helped increase the number of converted vehicles.


 Opening the largest conversion center in Egypt


The Company opened a new conversion center in AbouRawasharea during October 2010 which is considered the largest conversion center in Egypt as its capacity amounts to more than 60 vehicles daily to convert the vehicles affiliated to the companies working in such area especially ITAMCO Company. 


Using the latest technique of vehicles conversion Sequential Injection system:                                                                                                                                                  

GASTEC Company is keen on coping with the ongoing development in the NGV field. The Company attained the largest market share in converting the Sequential Injection System Vehicles with the latest systems of conversion kits which suit modern vehicles. Such advanced system ensures attaining the best performance for such advanced brand of vehicles, similar to its efficiency while utilizing gasoline 95 Octane – in addition to achieving large saving in fuel consumption.

Advantages of the sequential injection system:


  1. Less fuel consumption
  2. Same performance on gasoline 95
  3. Tuning up engines with laptop
  4. Self selection of fuel type
  5. It is the latest technology in the world



Contracting with the Social Fund for Development for Financing the Conversion of Vehicles to Run by Natural Gas


GASTEC Company concluded during year 2011 a contract with the Social Fund for Development (SFD) for financing the conversion of 1000 vehicles to run by natural gas at a cost of L.E 5 million. In addition, GASTEC  concluded the second phase of the subject contract in year 2012 to convert other 1000 vehicles  at a cost of L.E 5 million. It is to be noted that the subject contract helps finance the conversion of taxi cabs, private vehicles and microbuses to run by gas. The two contracts are considered  a first phase in this developmental project, to be followed by other phases according to the progress of the activity. In year 2014, the Company signed the 3rd and 4th phase of the Fund's contract with a cost of L.E 10 million to convert 200 vehicles per each phase.   


Utilizing the most advanced devices of detecting the damage of modern vehicles engines

The Company is marked by using the most advanced devices of detecting the damage of the modern vehicles engines which resulted in raising the performance efficiency of such vehicle.


Innovating developed connections for utilizing natural gas in fixed engines

GASTEC is marked by innovating developed connections for utilizing natural gas in fixed engines on  industrial purposes and used a number of new applications to convert forklifts, swimming pools' heaters, furnaces, water pumps, and motorcycles.



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