CNG Achievements
GASTEC maintains the lead among the NGV companies

The Company proceeds with maintaining the lead among all the NGV companies in Egypt for the 13th year successively in terms of gas sales as the Company’s gas sales during year 2018 till end of Dec. reached 209.129 million m3 at a ratio of 51% of the total market which represents the highest market share among all the NGV companies.

Accordingly, the Company’s total gas sales since inception till end of Dec. 2018 reached 3.2 billion m3 at a ratio of 47.4% which is the highest market share among all the NGV companies in Egypt.


Gas Tec. maintains the highest rate of geographical expansion.

The Company is keen on attaining the highest rate of geographic expansion through spreading over 21 governorates among 26 governorates connected to the national natural gas network as the Company owns the largest CNG fueling stations network including 90 stations in Dec. 2018. 


 The sole Company authorized to conduct installation, commissioning & start up of stations.

GASTEC is the only company in Egypt and Middle East authorized from Safe s.r.l Italian Company to conduct the installation, commissioning & start up, and maintenance of the stations of Safe s.r.l. through its technicians who are qualified for such job after obtaining the required training in the premises of Safe Company in Italy.


 Establishing the largest buses fueling station in the Middle East.


The Company executed the project of establishing  the largest buses fueling station in the Middle East in CTA garage in Nasr City which fuels 50 buses daily. Meanwhile, the station is equipped with the infrastructure required for future raising of the station’s capacity to 300 buses a day.



In addition, the Company started up executing the assignment of the Ministry of Petroleum regarding the giant project of operating the of buses Public Transport Authority by gas to preserve the environment and reach the highest feasibility of operating processes through establishing stations in El-Mataryia, El-Basateen, Port Said Street garages. The Company has already finalized the inauguration of El-Mataryia and El-Basateen stations during year 2012 and Port Said St. Station in year 2013.

Establishing exemplary integrated CNG stations.


GASTEC is considered the first Company in Egypt to execute the trend of the Ministry of Petroleum in regard to establishing exemplary integrated CNG fueling stations including all the services required by the customers through an integrated project that includes CNG fueling station, center for converting vehicles to run by the dual fuel system, liquid fuel station, maintenance center, after-sale service center, vehicles service center (tires balancing/ lubrication/ washing…etc.) customer service center, Metro Market and Burger King for fast food. The Company started up executing such trend by establishing the first exemplary integrated CNG fueling station in 6th of October City then El-Kabary Station in Alexandria.                                                                              

Contracting with Nile Oil Marketing Company to enter NGV service in Upper Egypt.

 The Company concluded a contract with El-Nile Oil Marketing Company to cooperate in establishing vehicles conversion centers and shared fueling stations (gas/benzene) in Upper Egypt. The cooperation between the two companies will be first set in motion through establishing a jointly major & smartly-designed station in Aswan Governorate. Such contract comes in the context of the large accomplishment achieved by the Ministry of Petroleum by connecting gas to Upper Egypt governorates. Moreover, the Company seeks to benefit from such giant project to increase its rate of expansion as the Company contracted on establishing 12 stations in the different Upper Egypt governorates.  

Executing the largest movement of development to the Company’s stations


The Company developed and increased the capacity of some stations as year 2011 witnessed the largest movement of development to the Company’s stations since inception. The number of developed stations reached 17 stations the matter that helps increase the Company’s gas sales with 28 million m3 during year 2011 equaling the establishment of 6 new stations considering yet that the cost of development works are less than the cost of establishing new stations. Moreover, the Company raised the capacity of a number of 8 stations during year 2012 considering yet that the cost of development works is less than the cost of establishing new stations.




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